Fluor // 2023 Integrated Report

41 2023 Integrated Report 01 Our Company and Strategy 02 Our Businesses 03 Our Functions 04 Our Corporate Information ENCOURAGING A ’SPEAK UP’ CULTURE Integrity, one of our core values, is part of who we are. We work hard to apply trust, accountability and fairness to our interactions, both internally and externally. Keeping this value at the forefront, we launched the Compliance & Ethics Integrity Champions program in 2023 with five pilot locations in the United States, China, India, the Philippines and Poland, representing a cross-section of Fluor’s global footprint. Through the program, our integrity champions extend the reach of the compliance and ethics team. These local advocates help ensure we meet and sustain our commitment to keep the company safe by providing resources and guidance to their colleagues. What does building a better world mean to you? Building a better world is using our collective expertise to provide solutions that meet our clients’ needs while also making a positive impact on the local community. It means providing for the greater good of society in an ethical way, whether it is through a project that develops the energy solutions needed to sustain daily life or the construction of a new roadway that makes commuting safer and more efficient. I think it is critically important that we leave the communities where we work better than how we found them. Can you share more about the evolution of compliance and ethics at Fluor, and the importance of it? Our compliance and ethics program is multifaceted with involvement across the organization and has been consistently evolving as we move forward. We started at the policy level before turning our attention to further synthesizing the program into our culture. In early 2023, we implemented a microsite for our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics, allowing for easier access to related policies. We took another substantial step forward when we launched our Compliance & Ethics Integrity Champions program. The program will continue to develop in 2024 based on learnings from this past year, with plans to add additional locations.  Read more about our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics at: ourcode.fluor.com Q&A with John Reynolds, Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary “Our work focuses on getting projects done in the right way. We are committed to acting with integrity and enabling the business to make the right decisions for our stakeholders.” Our goal is for employees at all levels to look at issues from a compliance basis and act accordingly. Our intent is that compliance becomes integrated into the organization and woven into the company’s culture. While we are on the right path to achieve this goal, we are continuously looking for opportunities to further advance our program. Fluor’s dedication to integrity has been recognized 14 times by Ethisphere’s World’s Most Ethical Companies® list since its inception in 2007. We are dedicated to earning this prestigious recognition in the coming years. Fluor’s repositioned organization with an enhanced focus on our core value of integrity and ’building a better future’ strategy will help us get there. What does corporate governance look like at Fluor, and how do you interface with the Board of Directors to ensure their guidance is applied? Fluor’s corporate governance practices start with the Board of Directors and aim to promote fairness, transparency, accountability and responsibility to provide long-term benefit to our stakeholders. With committees dedicated to both corporate governance and risk management, our Board of Directors is involved with all aspects of our business.  Read more on pages 10-11 Encouraging a ’speak up’ culture // Irving, Texas, United States