Fluor // 2023 Integrated Report

40 Fluor Corporation ENSURING GOOD GOVERNANCE REPOSITIONED TO DELIVER VALUE: 2023 PERFORMANCE HIGHLIGHTS • Launched the Compliance & Ethics Integrity Champions program to supplement our rigorous approach to compliance and ethics and further encourage a ’speak up’ culture. • Worked with pursuit teams to ensure balanced risk-reward positions and convert backlog into more reimbursable work. • Supported the Board’s Governance Committee with enterprise risk management reviews examining top risks to the company. JOHN REYNOLDS Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary LEGAL, COMPLIANCE AND ETHICS FEATURED METRICS 100% Compliance certification* (2022: 100%) * Percentage of salaried employees 2,722 Managers trained to handle compliance concerns 24,500 Compliance-related courses completed (2022: 23,900) 90 Employees trained on investigative procedures