Fluor // 2023 Integrated Report

4 Fluor Corporation OUR PURPOSE Building a better world echoes our ambition and forms the foundation of our culture. OUR VISION As a valued partner, we deliver innovative and sustainable solutions that enable all our stakeholders to flourish. OUR CORE VALUES Serving as our behavioral compass, we embrace four core values, and our employees live them every day. SAFETY We care for each other. Living Safer TogetherSM promotes the wellbeing of all people, our communities and the environment. INTEGRITY We do what is right. Trust, accountability and fairness define our character. TEAMWORK We work better together. Collectively, we thrive when we include, respect and empower one another. EXCELLENCE We deliver solutions. Our high-performance teams embrace opportunities, solve challenges and continuously improve. REPOSITIONED THROUGH OUR STRATEGY STAKEHOLDER ASPIRATIONS Our stakeholders expect the following key elements from us: ATTRACTIVE INVESTMENT TRUSTED ADVISOR GREAT PLACE TO WORK POSITIVE IMPACT REFLECTING ON OUR STRATEGIC DIRECTION We developed our ’building a better future’ strategy in 2021. As can be seen in the infographic below, we: • confirmed our purpose, vision and core values; • considered the aspirations of our stakeholders; • evaluated the overarching market conditions impacting the industries of our clients as well as the competitive environment; • identified four industry megatrends that shaped our strategy reset; and • articulated our strategic priorities. By delivering on our strategy, we seek to become the preeminent leader in professional and technical solutions while maintaining our global engineering and construction expertise. BEYOND GLOBALIZATION INDUSTRY MEGATRENDS After assessing the market dynamics affecting our clients’ industries and considering the competitive landscape, we identified the following four megatrends: ENERGY TRANSITION & URBANIZATION INDUSTRY 4.0 STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT CHAIRMAN AND CEO REFLECTIONS continued