Fluor // 2023 Integrated Report

38 Fluor Corporation ACHIEVING GROWTH AND SUSTAINABILITY continued ACHIEVING NET ZERO 2023 Fluor’s history and legacy are built on sustainable principles. Sustainability is part of our strategic priority to foster a highperformance culture with purpose. It is a key component of our purpose to build a better world and our vision to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to our stakeholders. While we have been working to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions since 2006, we accelerated our efforts in 2021, when we announced our Net Zero 2023 target. Fluor achieved our Net Zero 2023 commitment, reducing our Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emissions of offices and fleet to net zero. Scope 1 includes emissions produced directly by Fluor offices and fleet vehicles. Scope 2 covers indirect emissions, such as GHGs from third-party plants that provide electricity to offices. We supplemented our energy reduction actions with the purchase of low- or zero-carbon energy bundled with energy attribute certificates (EACs), as well as the purchase of unbundled EACs and high-quality offset credits. We plan to reduce the use of unbundled EACs and offset credits going forward. To ensure transparency and accuracy, a third party provided limited assurance for Fluor’s net zero achievement during 2023. This is a significant milestone on Fluor’s sustainability journey, and it is one that places Fluor among the first in our industry to achieve net zero. Our commitment to net zero emissions extends beyond our own operations. More and more frequently, clients are requesting our assistance to make their project sites and operations more sustainable. We can deliver sustainable solutions to clients in multiple ways by applying circularity principles to our projects. Sustainability continues to be recognized as a driver of long-term growth and value for our company. Electric fleet vehicle // Farnborough, United Kingdom Manila Office Net Zero 2023 Committee // Manila, Philippines  Read more about our sustainability journey and Net Zero 2023 assurance at: fluor.com/about-fluor/approach