Fluor // 2023 Integrated Report

34 Fluor Corporation UK Canada United States Latin America South Africa Middle East Europe India China South East Asia Australia ADVANCING FLUOR’S STRATEGY THROUGH INCLUSION At Fluor, we foster an environment that embraces and champions inclusion. Through our dedicated Office of Inclusion team, we are nurturing a workplace where employees feel welcomed and where their contributions are valued. We are promoting an environment where each person at Fluor has what they need to participate fully in the organization, which in turn, promotes more productive, innovative and efficient teams. Together, these teams continually inspire us to evolve, reposition and grow. By emphasizing inclusion, we make Fluor more attractive to employees and prospective employees, enabling us to better address one of our most pressing business challenges as we broaden our footprint and drive our expansion efforts. To best align Fluor’s inclusion efforts across the organization, our Inclusion Councils (ICs) and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) champion initiatives alongside the Office of Inclusion. Detailed below, both ICs and ERGs provide an opportunity for employees to play an active role in building a culture where everyone feels valued and heard. IMPACTING OUR PEOPLE AND COMMUNITIES continued ICs are regional forums supported by executive management. They identify ways to enhance employee experiences and advance inclusivity. We currently have 11 active IC chapters, which are reflected in the map on the right. OUR INCLUSION COUNCILS OUR EMPLOYEE RESOURCE GROUPS ERGs are employee-led organizations with an executive sponsor. They are networking forums that support the work of the ICs. Graduates Advancing to ProfessionalismSM Established 1995 Providing personal and professional development for recent college graduates. Emerging Leaders Group Established 2007 Accelerating midlevel professional employee development and management interactions. Growing Representation & Opportunity for Women Established 2010 Collaborating to create opportunities for women and promote gender equality. Black Employee Alliance Established 2021 Fostering Black employees’ professional development and promoting awareness. PRIDE Established 2022 Cultivating a community for LGBTQIA+ employees and allies.