Fluor // 2023 Integrated Report

33 2023 Integrated Report 01 Our Company and Strategy 02 Our Businesses 03 Our Functions 04 Our Corporate Information What are some Human Resources and Corporate Affairs focus areas that support Fluor’s resource expansion and growth ambitions? Having the right people at the right time and in the right place is critical for Fluor’s growth. To support client project needs and the company’s expansion, we focused on the following three areas: acquiring top talent, retaining and developing valuable contributors and elevating the Fluor story. Acquiring Top Talent We focused on attracting talent through targeted global sourcing and social media campaigns. We participated in career fairs and university campus events in partnership with our ICs and ERGs to maximize reach. We also made several enhancements to our internal hiring processes, utilizing data and technology to deliver more strategic and consistent outcomes. We hired nearly 5,000 people, 28% of whom were former Fluor employees. Retaining and Developing Valuable Contributors We remained dedicated to retaining our current employee base by enhancing their Fluor experience and providing opportunities for each person to learn and grow within – and with – the organization. We hosted several in-person leadership programs to develop our future leaders. We also partnered with major functions across Fluor to formalize more than 20 functional development frameworks designed to provide transparency on career progression. We held a Talent Summit in October 2023 with general managers from our major offices to discuss challenges and develop strategies to expand our talent base to meet the demands of our business. Elevating the Fluor Story We restructured our Corporate Affairs portfolio to align with market trends and industry best practices. This change enables the team to strengthen Fluor’s brand, communications, stakeholder engagement, inclusion and community relations efforts. The team is rolling out a refreshed brand and modernized corporate identity. Our focus in 2024 is to proudly tell the Fluor story to inspire both internal and external audiences. Q&A with Stacy Dillow, Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer “Fluor is a fantastic place to build a career. We are positioning the company to be the industry employer of choice by further enhancing our employee experience.” Name a few ways your team made progress against Fluor’s strategic priority to foster a high-performance culture with purpose. By advancing our inclusion efforts we are intentionally building a workplace where each person feels they belong, has a voice and is valued for who they are and what they contribute. This is not only key to the wellbeing of our people, but it also contributes to the collective success of our global business. The foundation of our inclusion framework is a series of four pillars: champion an inclusive culture; recruit, develop and retain talent; enhance the employee experience; and improve social progress and impact. With guidance from the Chairman and CEO and the Fluor Management Team, Fluor’s Office of Inclusion collaborates with our global offices, 11 IC chapters and five ERGs to progress these pillars.  Read more on page 34 Additionally, Fluor’s community relations team and Fluor Cares are expanding their focus from volunteerism and outreach to purposeful philanthropy and social engagement to support our company purpose of building a better world. In 2023, we saw a nearly 50% increase in employee volunteer hours compared to 2022. Stacy Dillow hosts a GROWSM event // New Delhi, India