Fluor // 2023 Integrated Report

30 Fluor Corporation Industry Benchmark* 0.60 Fluor Goal 0.15 Fluor Actual 0.15 Industry Benchmark* 0.90 Fluor Goal 0.38 Fluor Actual 0.29 Process Technology 28% Pipeline 2% Mechanical 13% Electrical 7% Control Systems 7% Engineering Management 9% Civil, Structure, Architectural 13% Water and Wastewater 2% Piping 19% Process Technology 28% Pipeline 2% Mechanical 13% Electrical 7% Control Systems 7% Engineering Management 9% Civil, Structure, Architectural 13% Water and Wastewater 2% Piping 19% EXECUTING WITH EXCELLENCE continued OUR 2023 SAFETY PERFORMANCE At Fluor, safety drives the actions of every employee at every location, every day. Our Safer TogetherSM culture is fundamental to the way we do business. Our goal is to minimize impacts on the environment and to protect our employees, subcontractors, clients, communities and others who could be affected by our activities. An important component of our Safer Together culture is prioritizing our people. We do this by cultivating the expertise required for continued safety leadership across our regions, business lines and projects. We celebrate the safety achievements, initiatives and results that provide value for our clients. For example, our HSE Awards Program recognizes projects and offices for their results, and the Silver Medallion award honors employees who act heroically to save another’s life. In 2023, we awarded 24 Silver Medallions. We were honored as one of the Construction Industry Institute’s (CII’s) founding members, as the organization celebrated 40 years of partnership in 2023. CII Best Practices are now included in Fluor’s practices and procedures, and our employees continue to participate in CII’s research efforts to advance the construction industry. PROJECT RISK MANAGEMENT Risk levels are assigned to every proposal and project that we undertake. Projects with the highest risk levels are reviewed and monitored regularly by Fluor’s senior management. Using risk levels enables us to have the appropriate management review and decide whether a prospect or proposal makes business sense for Fluor. In addition to the use of risk levels, we have implemented assessment teams for every proposal and project. These teams are comprised of representatives from the Sales, Operations, Legal and Risk groups. Their primary responsibility is to ensure the risk level is set and baseline documents are developed and in place for the proposal and execution teams. We completed risk management training sessions for all business segment leadership teams in Spring 2023. Training modules are also available for all project management and sales personnel to ensure that we are pursuing contracts with fair and balanced terms. Days away, restricted or transferred (DART) (Self-perform and subcontractor) Total case incident rate (TCIR) (Self-perform and subcontractor) Engineering Subject Matter Experts * U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for construction companies with more than 1,000 employees ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE Sharing technical knowledge and developing the next generation of talent is critically important for Fluor’s growth. We emphasize technical career development and succession planning, encouraging our subject matter experts and technical Fellows to take advantage of thought leadership opportunities through various trade publications and conferences. Our technical experts also host ’Innovation Builders’ webinars, which have engaged over 4,300 industry professionals since their inception in 2020. Fluor has more than 1,100 subject matter experts across the organization, and in the last year, our carbon capture knowledge base alone has expanded to 23 experts across five offices.