Fluor // 2023 Integrated Report

21 2023 Integrated Report 01 Our Company and Strategy 02 Our Businesses 03 Our Functions 04 Our Corporate Information 25,000,000 work hours achieved without a lost-time incident at the Kitimat site 6,000,000 cubic meters of cut/fill 215 modules built and transported to site 2,200km of cable and more than 400km of piping 99.1% compliance score on Fluor’s Health, Safety and Environmental Life CriticalSM Audit QINGDAO ZHUHAI Shipping route Paci c Ocean KITIMAT The majority of the project’s 215 modules were constructed at fabrication yards in China, then shipped across the Pacific Ocean to the project site in B.C., Canada. Aerial view of the LNG Canada site // Kitimat, B.C., Canada PROJECT LOCATION