Fluor // 2023 Integrated Report

15 2023 Integrated Report 01 Our Company and Strategy 02 Our Businesses 03 Our Functions 04 Our Corporate Information How is Mission Solutions fulfilling Fluor’s purpose to build a better world? The work we do directly affects the quality of life, safety and security for everyone we serve. It is deeply meaningful and rewarding. Our national security solutions deliver the services and support that deployed forces need to sustain their missions. Our offerings to the intelligence community keep operations running 24/7 with zero failure tolerance. We get communities back on their feet after natural disasters, and, as leaders in nuclear operations and security, we safeguard nuclear materials and manage operations at some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated nuclear facilities. Through our work with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), we step in and help when disasters affect the safety and wellbeing of thousands of people. Most recently, we supported FEMA’s workforce, deploying over 265 personnel to Florida to assist in the state’s recovery efforts following Hurricanes Ian and Nicole. Our work in support of Operation Allies Welcome was a coordinated effort across the federal government to resettle vulnerable Afghans in the United States. At Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico, we created a fully functioning village where 7,000 Afghan refugees lived temporarily. Given the need to construct and operate the village within a week, our team worked around the clock to put in place the infrastructure, housing, catering, medical and recreational facilities to build a community. “Building a better world means people know that when Fluor shows up, their lives are going to improve.” WHAT WERE A FEW 2023 PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS? The Southern Ohio Cleanup Company, a Fluor joint venture, was selected to deliver the closure of the Portsmouth Decontamination & Decommissioning project. This award was earned, in part, because we and our partners have an unsurpassed performance record of delivering critical decontamination and decommissioning work across the complex. Fluor Marine Propulsion, LLC, a Fluor-owned special purpose entity, received a five-year contract extension from the United States Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) for management and operation of the Naval Nuclear Laboratory with primary facilities in New York, Pennsylvania and Idaho. In January 2023, Fluor-led Savannah River Nuclear Solutions (SRNS) began dismantling and removal work on a legacy NNSA project as a key step toward the construction of a multibilliondollar plutonium facility. Fluor is the construction manager on the Savannah River Plutonium Processing Facility (SRPPF) whose mission is part of the NNSA’s long-term strategy for modernizing the nation’s nuclear deterrent. Once constructed and operational, SRPPF will produce the bulk of the nation’s supply of plutonium pits in support of sustainable nuclear deterrence. We completed a full-depth rebuild of the remote runway at the Ascension Island Airfield in April 2023.  Read more about the Ascension Island Airfield Rebuild on pages 16-17 How is Mission Solutions driving growth across Fluor’s portfolio? Our goal is to deploy Fluor’s technical expertise and solutions to the United States Government and to grow in technically advanced and higher-margin markets that drive sustainable revenue. We are supporting projects in nuclear fuel, fission and fusion as well as large nuclear security facilities for the United States Government. We are also growing our mission-critical infrastructure and technical solutions needed by the intelligence community, Department of Defense and other agencies. Finally, we restructured our defense and intelligence businesses into a new national security business. This move aligns with our strategic priorities and changing market dynamics, while helping us add capabilities to provide technical solutions to more clients and in new markets. Our talented teams are now better positioned to accelerate growth in core and adjacent markets and to assist our clients in meeting their mission objectives. Q&A with Tom D’Agostino, Group President, Mission Solutions